How to Style Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses


When it came to choosing our bridesmaids’ dresses, I knew I didn’t want to just give the girls a bill for the same $250+ dress for all of them to wear. I wanted the girls to be able to choose a dress that they would be comfortable in, they may be able to wear again for something else if they wanted, and something that wouldn’t break the bank.

I literally told them to look wherever they wanted for a dress and just stick to a range of colors. Some bought their dresses from (my shower dress and bachelorette party dress were from there), and some bought their dresses off of Amazon.


When I first decided to let them mix and match whatever they wanted, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But in the end, we the girls looked so great standing next to each other in their own unique dresses! The colors matched perfectly, and even ended up going well with all of the florals for the day. We might have just gotten lucky, but it seriously worked.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are becoming more and more popular and it’s easier to coordinate than you might think it would be. Whenever the girls texted me a picture of a dress they liked before they purchased, I saved the picture and started lining them up together to see if they would mesh well.

There were a couple of times where one choice would look better than their second choice, and at one point there were more burgundy options than any other color, but it ended up being a pretty even mix of different dresses in the end.

Having a facebook group page for just us girls helped everyone to see the big picture too, so I’m glad I started by setting that up for everyone.


I mean seriously, how good do they all look together?!

I also found some gorgeous inspiration photos in the process of planning. I’ll post them for you below. But I’d love to see how you might have made this work for your wedding too! Post links below to show off your friends.




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